When Your Prosthesis Leaks (If It Holds On With Suction)

Check the pictures below to find your system:

1)  Seal-in:  If you wear a liner like this, you have a suction suspension.  If it is leaking, first try to add or remove socks (see video above for Seal-in socks).  If adding or removing socks does not work, it is either your valve that is broken or leaking or your leg has changed size too much to be adjusted.  Both of these possibilities will need to be repaired here in the office.  Call us as soon as possible.





2)  Vacuum:  If you have or use one of the devices to the left, you have a vacuum suspension.  Leaks can come from several locations.  First check to make sure there are no socks coming out the top of the sealing sleeve or edges of your clothing going down into the socket.  This is the most common reason for leaks.  Another common reason is that the sleeve that seals the leg has a hole or the tape connecting it has come loose.  To find a hole or fix the tape, remove the sleeve from the socket.  Look around the sleeve where the edge of the socket was and look for small holes or tears.  If there are none, clean the outside of the socket with thinner or alcohol to remove tape residue and carefully re-tape the sleeve at the same height on the socket and be carefully wrap the tape smoothly.  Finally, if the leg still is leaking it is most likely a valve or fit issue that will need to be fixed by us.  Please call us as soon as possible for an appointment.

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