When Your Prosthesis Hurts Or Doesn’t Fit

Frequently, patients will experience some discomfort in their prosthetic socket.  If your prosthesis is adjusted correctly and has been comfortable for a while, then the cause is usually a change in your limb.  I always tell my patients that the prosthesis doesn’t change (unless you change it or break it).  An amputee’s leg on the other hand will change frequently, especially in the first year.  Usually, it is a change of leg volume.  Try these steps:

1)  If you have not tried adding or removing the socks you were given, try doing so—removing them if the leg feels tight and adding if you feel the bottom of the leg, the knee cap, or the back of the knee hitting (see video below on socks).

2)  Have you gained or lost over 10 lbs. or stopped taking a medication recently?  If you said yes to either of those, that is very likely the cause of the fit problems.  Please contact us and we will help you make appropriate adjustments.

3) Are you wearing more than 9 ply of socks?  If yes, then most likely your leg has changed so much that the prosthesis will need significant adjustment or remaking.

4)  Are you still wearing your shrinkers?  Not wearing shrinkers is one of the most common reasons for the leg not fitting.  Resume wearing shrinkers.  If the prosthesis still does not fit after one week it is time for an office visit.

5)  Call the office.  Your next step is to let us see if we can help you find the cause of the problem.  (Photos and text)

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