Removing Your Prosthesis

If you are having trouble removing your prosthesis, refer to the pictures below to find your type of leg.

(Photo of pin/lock liner)  Check your socket for a release button (picture) or if you have a cover, feel for a small hole in the foam under the skin (picture).  Press and hold the button as you remove the leg.  If it is stuck, tap it lightly with a hammer.  If none of these work contact your prosthetist for further instruction.  In an emergency, rub lotion or soap and water inside the liner as far down as you can go until your leg slides out.

(Photo of socket with valve)  If your leg has a valve such as this, you must remove the valve before attempting to remove the leg.  There are no other problems that will cause this issue.  If you are still having problems, call us.

(Photo of socket with sleeve)  If your limb has a sleeve over the knee, you will need to roll the sleeve down below your knee and then it will slide out easily.

If the above instructions did not help you resolve the problem, please call the office at 706-737-7371.

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