Lower Extremity

Ankle and Foot Orthoses

Ankle and foot injuries can be the most frustrating and uncomfortable problems to deal with.  We use many different types of braces to help control the ankle, improve motion, lift the toes, restore proper alignment, and reduce arthritic ankle pain.  A variety of extremely lightweight, carbon composite braces are now available for a variety of foot and ankle problems.  These devices are excellent for high-activity joggers to someone who is looking for a light-weight alternative to their big bulky brace.  They can even be custom made for more severe problems.


Foot Orthoses

At Midlands, we both make our own foot orthoses, as well as, use Langer to fabricate our orthoses.  Every foot is different and every foot requires a different approach to make not only the foot more comfortable but frequently also the knees and hips.  We will evaluate your feet and help you decide what type of foot orthosis is most appropriate for you and your lifestyle.


Hip Orthoses

After hip replacement surgery, many times a device to hold the hip in the socket is necessary.  The device we use is the smallest, lightest, slimmest available (Newport 3 from Orthomerica).   We also provide braces for paraplegics called reciprocating gait orthoses.  For determined patients, these devices can provide the opportunity to walk again.


Knee Orthoses\Braces

Knee braces are available for many different types of injuries.  They can be ordered any size and shape of knee or leg.  We also supply custom made knee braces for high impact sports.  Call us for a free consultation and we will show you the best option to protect your knee.


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