Legs, Knees & Feet

At Midlands Prosthetics and Orthotics, we have provided care    
for all types of lower extremity amputations including toes,
partial feet, foot, below-knee, above-knee, and hip-disarticulations.

Recent advances in foot, knee, and suspension technology
for lower extremity amputees have greatly improved the
function, stability, and comfort of our prostheses.

The socket, what connects your prosthesis to your body, is the most important component in a well fit and functioning prosthesis. Each socket is custom made from a mold of your limb to fit the bone, muscle, vascular and nerve areas of the residual limb. This results in greater comfort and control of your prosthesis.

New computer controlled knees are allowing amputees more freedom and security than ever.  With accurately controlled motion, patient’s are able to change speeds, walk up stairs, and all while the knee is helping to keep the amputee from stumbling.

Different materials are also making the prostheses more comfortable.  There is now a large variety of liner and socket materials that can be custom made to fit your limb.  With these materials we have improved our vacuum suspensions are allowing us to keep patients legs on more tightly with a significant improvement in comfort.


C-Leg Knee

Introduced to the world in 1997, the C-Leg® was the first prosthesis system to intelligently control and adapt to an individual’s gait. To do this, the C-Leg (and the Compact model) takes advantage of microprocessor-controlled hydraulics, which adapt dynamically to all walking speeds in real time. The revolutionary microprocessor that controls the C-Leg receives feedback from multiple sensors 50 times a second, making adjustments in real time. In addition, the microprocessor can reliably secure the stance phase in both the C-Leg and Compact knees. The result is a system that recognizes which phase of gait the user is in—and reacts accordingly. This keeps your knee stable when you weight it, free-swinging when you step through—and always ready to support you if you stumble.


Genium™ Knee

This state-of-the-art microprocessor-controlled knee joint utilizes a complex sensory system and sophisticated rule sets to mimic natural gait more closely than any other prosthetic knee. With multiple environmental inputs (including a gyroscope and an accelerometer), the Genium delivers unmatched functionality, including special features to help step over obstacles and ascend stairs.



Helix™ Hip

The Helix3D Hip Joint System is suitable for hip disarticulation and hemipelvectomy patients. It offers patients maximum security and function for a wide range of everyday activities.




Plie 2.0® Knee

To provide individuals with a more natural experience of mobility, Freedom Innovations examined biological norms to establish performance criteria for the new Plié® 2.0 with microprocessor-controlled swing and stance. By integrating high-performance processing capabilities and a cutting-edge hydraulic system, the Plié 2.0 is the most responsive MPC knee ever developed..



 Custom Liners

If you have had problems with poorly fitting liners because of an irregularly shaped limb, you can leave that problem in the past.  Custom liners allow us to have a liner that is custom made to the exact shape of your limb.




Harmony™ Pump

The Harmony® Vacuum Management System pumps pull air out of your socket for a secure, intimate fit from the time you put your prosthesis on in the morning until you’re ready to take it off at night. When your prosthesis is securely in place, you have a better sense of where your leg is in space (proprioception), allowing you more freedom to move without wondering if your leg will slip or slide.  The Harmony System can even relieve problems with fluctuating limb volume. Visit Otto Bock by clicking on the photo for more information.


Carbon Feet

Carbon composite feet, though not new, are constantly changing and improving.  The new feet produced by the companies below have a variety of features to benefit the wearer.  From ankles that conform to the ground, to shins that reduce shock, to rotation devices and sprint feet for athletes these feet provide fantastic function with very low weight.  Check out the possibilities at the links below.



Otto Bock at   http://ottobockus.com/cps/rde/xchg/ob_us_en/hs.xsl/15695.html

Freedom at   http://www.freedom-innovations.com/

Ossur at   http://ossur.com

College Park at   http://www.college-park.com/

Trulife at    http://trulife.com/all-products/prosthetics


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